Jacksonville Listing Agents

Looking for Jacksonville listing agents who will work hard for you? Look no further. We work hard for our customers and we want to hear what’s driving you to sell your Jacksonville home. Once we know your motivation, we can get to work for you. We want to share our marketing plan with you! We’ll […]

Katy and Matt Yanossy | May 16, 2018

Why didn’t my Jacksonville home sell?

Did you list your home within the past year or so for it only to expire without selling? You are not alone. If the market really is hot, you may be asking “Why didn’t my Jacksonville home sell?” #1: Overpriced This isn’t what any homeowner wants to hear, but it’s the truth a large majority […]

Katy and Matt Yanossy | Apr 30, 2018

Should you sell your home by owner? Do FSBO’s work? Since I am a Realtor, you can probably guess my answer! 😀 In all seriousness, I have seen the FSBO route work for some people. But even in those situations it left me wonder if they could’ve gotten more money, quicker, had they used a […]

Katy and Matt Yanossy | Mar 16, 2018

Selling a Home in Jacksonville FL

It’s true, we’re in a seller’s market here in Jacksonville FL. It’s easier to sell right now than it has been probably for over a decade. Yet there are still ways to improve your chances of selling a home in Jacksonville FL. While we are in a seller’s market in the Jacksonville area, there are […]

Katy and Matt Yanossy | Jan 18, 2018