FREE Market Analysis

If you contact me expressing interest in listing your home, here is what will happen.

  1. I will set up an appointment to visit your home and meet with you. This can be a 5 minute visit or an hour long meeting depending your schedule and property. I want you to give me all of your property’s details.
  2. I will research similar properties that have sold recently and active comparable properties. Using this information I will tell you:
    • My recommended list price
    • What I think it will actually sell for
    • How long it will take to sell
    • Estimated closing costs and what you can expect to net when all is said and done
  3. If these numbers interest you, I can then share my marketing plan with you and explain in detail what I will do to get your home sold. If you decide you don’t want to list your property, no problem!

Keep in mind, home sellers pay nothing until their home closes.