Increase Your Home’s Value Before Listing

Keep it simple! Do away with overgrown bushes and add newer, low maintenance plants with some pine straw or mulch.

If the exterior of your home has trim that needs repainting, an old rusted light fixture on the front porch, or anything that screams “deferred maintenance”, address this now. Also, a good pressure washing can work wonders!

The overall goal when addressing your home’s curb appeal is simple and clean.

If you’re vacating your home before listing it, this will be an easy one! But if you plan to live in your home while it’s on the market, you should go ahead and start decluttering, especially if you’ve been in the home for awhile. Keep decorative baskets and bins around the house to throw things in before showings.

Keep kitchen counters clutter free! You need your kitchen to appear as large as possible. Having too much out on your counters will make your counter space seem minimal.

Adding a new light fixture can be a very inexpensive way to update a room. If your living room has an outdated ceiling fan try switching it out for something newer. Other rooms where newer light fixtures can make a huge difference are the Foyer and Dining Room.

In most cases, new paint on the walls is not necessary but there are some main areas of the home that get more wear and tear. If there are areas on your walls, trim or doors that look dirty, do some touch up painting. Also, white trim can fade or start to appear dingy over time. Throw an extra coat of paint on these areas and you will see a huge difference!

If you have carpets that are dirty and stained try having them cleaned. If most of the flooring in your home is in good shape but you have one room (like a bathroom) with outdated flooring or cracked tiles, replace the flooring with a simple vinyl plank that’s easy to install and blends in with the rest of the home.

Keep the grass mowed, trim your bushes as needed, and don’t let the flower beds become overgrown. Sweep the front porch, keep bathrooms and kitchens extra clean, you get the idea!

The Next Step

I would be happy to provide you with an up to date market valuation of your home. The real estate market is constantly changing! Your home’s value a year ago may be a completely different number from today. Call/text me at 386-688-0654 to set up a time for me to take a look at your property if you have considered selling.