How Can I Sell My Live Oak FL Home Quicker?

BuyersWhether you are selling your Live Oak FL home to relocate, to find something different, or to get in a better state financially, everyone wants to know how they can get their home sold more quickly.

A lot of it has to do with the market. However, no matter what the market is like, anything can sell for the right price. Most sellers’ goal is to get their home sold quickly but for the highest price possible. While this can happen, it takes effort on the sellers’ part as well as the real estate agent. When I list a home, I like to find out from the seller how quickly they are hoping to sell the home. While everyone says as quickly as possible, what they really mean is they are willing to wait a little while to get a higher price. If I know this, I know we can start out a little higher than their ideal price to see what kind of interest we get and work our way down from there. Sometimes the home sells right away for a high price, and other times, a year and many price reductions later, the home sells. What all plays a role in this?

  • Current market: This is something we can’t really control. There are times when everything is moving quickly and then there are times when everything seems to sit. These two different extremes can occur even within a month of each other. It is important for people selling a home in the North Florida area to remember that our market trends tend to fall behind nearby metropolitan areas such as Jacksonville and Gainesville.
    • Listing agent: This is something that CAN be controlled. If you are selling a 30 acre horse farm with a residence and your agent only posts five pictures and a short description, your listing will likely be overlooked. A unique property like that will often be purchased by someone out of state which means they will be doing most of the Live Oak FL home search online and will need to be able to obtain as much info as they can from their own computer about your property. Today, the internet is our biggest tool when it comes to selling a home. Before hiring a realtor, look them up online and view their current listings to see what their online presence is like.
    • Showability: If that’s a word… Your home does not HAVE to be flawless everytime someone looks at it, but it would surely make a difference if it was! I know this is not possible for many of my clients and their homes still end up selling for the most part. But I can really tell the difference when I have a seller who really goes out of their way to prepare for pictures and showings. Another thing to keep in mind, if your home is painted all different bright colors or if the walls and shelves are packed with décor, it is often hard for buyers to look past all of that. Become a minimalist when selling your home!
  • Price: Many people selling a home in the Live Oak FL area assume that a realtor should just be able to rattle off a price that is perfect and will get their home sold quickly, but that is not always the case. We do the best we can when pulling comps, but in our rural area this can be difficult. Every property is unique.