Jacksonville Listing Agents

Looking for Jacksonville listing agents who will work hard for you? Look no further.

We work hard for our customers and we want to hear what’s driving you to sell your Jacksonville home. Once we know your motivation, we can get to work for you.

We want to share our marketing plan with you! We’ll show you the steps we will take to get your Jacksonville home sold for as high as possible in the shortest amount of time.

One important step we will take is providing you with an estimated closing statement up front. This will explain the different closing costs you can expect. Many Jacksonville home sellers do not realize how much will come out of their profit at closing.

Jacksonville Listing Agents that work hard for you!

When it comes to choosing between Jacksonville listing agents, be sure your agent is tech savvy. We utilize the tools our local MLS provides making things more convenient for other agents to show and sell your home as well. Our team can be easily contact by phone, text or email at all times. Additionally, we use electronic signature methods that make things easier for all parties. We provide our customers with access to our home search app that is reliable and convenient. The list goes on!

Attention to detail is also an important factor in choosing a listing agent. Does your agent make sure ALL facts and specs on the MLS sheet are accurate? This data will be synced to all of the home search sites. Plus, some of these sites interpret the data incorrectly. That’s why we check the different home search sites that are used the most and we manually change anything that is incorrect.

We like to constantly re-evaluate our marketing and your home’s price to ensure the proper steps are being taken. If the price is right and the marketing is right, the home will sell. If the home isn’t selling, we want to know why.

Give us a call today if you are considering selling your Jacksonville FL home! We would love the chance to meet you!