North Florida Living – Live Oak, Lake City, Jasper FL

Hamilton County FL - Blue SpringsA large majority of the buyers I work with are moving into our area from other areas like Tampa, South Florida or other states. So what is it about North Florida living that is attracting so many people from areas that are typically considered desirable vacation destinations?
Laid back lifestyle. It doesn’t take long after arriving at one of our small towns to notice the pace is a bit different. People aren’t in as big of a hurry which is a good thing because if you even go to get groceries you’re likely going to run into a few people that you know who will want to stop and talk. People aren’t as concerned about traffic (or lack thereof) or getting everywhere on time.
Family oriented. A lot of the residents who were raised in this area choose to stay in our North Florida area. That means we end up with generations raising their families here, however, “family” isn’t just limited to blood relatives around here. We treat everyone like family.
Outdoor activities. North Florida living offers many outdoor activities that aren’t as common in other areas of Florida. We are surrounded by rivers and springs that are perfect for those scorching summer days. The rivers are used for boating, skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, fishing, floating; the list goes on. There are endless nature trails and parks for camping, hiking and biking. We also have a lot of lakes in the area not to mention a short drive to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico (1.5 hours to either).
North FL pondsConvenient location. Here in North Florida, we are located near the intersection of Interstates 75 and 10. This means an easy drive to cities like Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Valdosta GA and Orlando. Or use our area as a launching point to travel farther distances.
Room to roam. If you are used to city living and desire some space, North Florida living is for you! Most of our neighborhoods offer 1 acre lots but many of the residential properties for sale in the area sit on around 5 acres or more.
If you are interested in visiting our area and taking a look around, feel free to contact me with any questions!