Selling a Home in Jacksonville FL

It’s true, we’re in a seller’s market here in Jacksonville FL. It’s easier to sell right now than it has been probably for over a decade. Yet there are still ways to improve your chances of selling a home in Jacksonville FL.

While we are in a seller’s market in the Jacksonville area, there are still homes expiring everyday. While it’s easy to pinpoint why some expired listings didn’t sell (bad price, awful pictures, no pictures, hard to show), some it’s not so simple.

There are times when Jacksonville FL home sellers just need a fresh approach to marketing and selling their home. For instance, if I list your property in the MLS and add a couple pictures. Then a couple days later I have a professional photographer come out and take 100 pictures of your home and I then add those pictures as well, sometimes the home search sites do not automatically update the new pictures. Therefore, your home may appear on Zillow or with two pictures rather than 100 for SIX MONTHS. It’s important that when a home is listed ALL of the photos are added at the same time. Or they can manually be added to each individual site.

Make sure your Jacksonville FL listing agent knows the ins and outs when it comes to marketing and technology.

Another example, some Jacksonville FL home buyers are very specific when it comes to buying in a certain neighborhood, or a certain square footage, or a certain number of bedrooms. One little mistake when inputting your home into the MLS can totally change things.

I recently came across a nice condo that has been listed and expired twice within the past year. The price seemed fine, pictures were okay, good square footage, and then I noticed it said TWO bedrooms. I know this particular floorplan is a three bedroom. So it is highly likely this owner has been unable to sell their home for the past year because of one simple mistake. While the price seems good for a three bedroom unit in this particular condo community in Jacksonville, it’s quite overpriced for a two bedroom unit. Additionally, anyone looking for a three bedroom condo will totally overlook it altogether. It won’t even appear in their search results.

One more… we have a system that is linked from our MLS that allows realtors to set up showing appointments for multiple homes in an instant on any of our devices wherever we are. It is very important to make sure your Jacksonville FL listing agent is utilizing tools like these! If an agent is out showing properties with a buyer on the weekend and they decide they want to see your home that’s for sale last minute, but the showing instructions say to call the listing office to set up the appointment, they may just say forget it! But if it allows showings through the online tool, it’s as easy as pie. Not to mention more secure!

There are a million more examples of little things that can cause failure when selling a home in Jacksonville FL. Do your research, stay proactive and keep in close contact with your listing agent. We love when sellers proof-read our marketing materials or check behind us. You know things about your property that we don’t know and we appreciate the help! In the end we are all after the same goal, to get your home sold as quickly as possible for the highest amount possible!