Why didn’t my Jacksonville home sell?

Did you list your home within the past year or so for it only to expire without selling? You are not alone. If the market really is hot, you may be asking “Why didn’t my Jacksonville home sell?

#1: Overpriced

This isn’t what any homeowner wants to hear, but it’s the truth a large majority of the time. Maybe you are at a point where you simply cannot go lower in price because of what you paid for your home. In that case, it may be best to hold on to your home awhile longer if possible.

Pricing your home too high at first can hurt you in the long run. It can mean more days on the market which may cause buyers to wonder. Then when someone does make an offer, they may go even lower thinking that since it’s been on the market longer than average you’ll go down lower in price.

When someone does want to price a home higher than we feel like the market supports, we tend to recommend small, frequent price drops. This will cause it to constantly be marked on home search sites as “price reduced” pushing it to the top of searches. So for people who may have looked at it in the past but felt the price was too high, this will put it back in front of them.


#2: Time of Year

Yes, homes sell all year long. But more homes sell in Spring than any other season, consistently for a higher average price. We always give advice to customers based on what we would do in their situation. I would not personally list a home for sale in October through December if at all possible. It can still sell, and maybe even for top dollar, but you have a better chance of that happening in Spring. Besides, who wants to have their house shown all throughout the holiday season if it can be avoided?

#3: Poor marketing

Another possible reason why your home didn’t sell that could have you asking “Why didn’t my Jacksonville home sell?” could be poor marketing. This includes bad pictures which are very common. We have home buyers moving to our southside Jacksonville/ northern St. Johns County are from all over the country! A large majority of their home search is done online. You need awesome, professional pictures of your home. We include professional photos, drone photography and video on our listings at no cost to you. We also market properties on social media platforms, our website and on youtube. Buyers are using all different methods for their home search!


#4: Lack of attention to detail on the listing agent’s part

This is a big one, it might should even be #2. It really goes along with poor marketing hand in hand. It’s very, VERY common for listings to have mistakes in them that hides them from a pool of people. For instance, agents put the listing information into the MLS. The MLS syncs this information to all different home search sites. Zillow is the most popular home search tool, but is also known for having the most false information. Listing agents need to constantly check all of the main home search sites to be sure the information is correct. If an agent reduces a price in the MLS, sometimes it doesn’t sync correctly to all of the sites. It’s obviously important to have the correct price advertised so you aren’t asking yourself later “Why didn’t my Jacksonville home sell?

Or we’ve encountered situations where homes were mapped incorrectly only on Zillow. Correct in MLS and everywhere else. Since Zillow is the most used home search site, and some people (like me) ONLY use the map to search for homes, this can be a huge problem. Considering many agents don’t even know how to log into their Zillow account and some don’t even have one, you can see how much room for error there is. It is extremely important to hire a tech savvy listing agent in today’s world!

Honorable mentions…

Poor representation in general: Was your listing agent always on top of things? Did they contact you right away with feedback on all showings? Did they stay in touch with you regarding pricing, showings and if you were satisfied with the attention your home was getting? Here’s a biggie: Were they easy for other agents to work with?  We meaning all Realtors in our area have tools to use that make things easier for other agents to show and ultimately sell our listings. For example…Showing Assist makes it super easy and seamless to schedule showings, yet many agents refuse to use it, making things more difficult for other agents. Was your agent always available to get things scheduled and communication back and forth as quickly as possible?

Cluttered/unclean home: Most customers looking to sell are very eager to make any changes to their home that will get it sold quickly for a higher price. But many are not. Just because some people can envision things uncluttered and clean, most can’t get past it. I have found that to most buyers, this speaks to their impression of how the home has been kept up in general.

When asking yourself why didn’t my Jacksonville home sell, don’t worry yourself trying to figure it out. Call us! We will look through your past listing and give you our honest opinion.